Who Am I? 

A cross between dreamer and detective.
I consider myself a digital denizen of the highest caliber. I am always exploring the distant corners of the Web for new innovations, or context to elaborate on concepts I find intriguing. I constantly strive to bridge the gap between what I can see with my mind's eye and the creativity I can share with the digital world. I no longer need to look both ways before crossing the information superhighway. I am your guide, your servant, and your new best friend.

Who Are You?

Eager to be heard in a cluttered world.
You need an audience. You want a bigger audience. You spend too much time repeating the same spiel of the goods and services you offer to every customer that bursts through your door. You underestimated the amount of time it takes to establish or maintain an appealing social media presence. You're looking for a creative person that can deliver your message to the world without getting lost in their own sense of passion. If nothing else, you have a good idea. I have the experience, skills and knowledge to properly implement, maintain and grow that idea and make it successful. And here we are. I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.