Making a Name (and Place) For Yourself 

Think of the Internet as a global radio station.
Your URL is your call sign, but there's so many other stations that there's hardly any room for static in between. Does your domain name imply a strong signal, or disjointed noise? Domains are easy to purchase and renew, but finding a URL that accurately represents your vision and has not already been taken can be frustrating. There's also the question of different extensions after the same name. I can help you determine if you can freely choose between .com, .net, .org and the rest, or if you should grab them all to eliminate competition and ambiguity. 

How Much is Too Much for Web Hosting?

 Don't be fooled by introductory rates.
You would be surprised how easy it is to pay too much per month for web hosting. Simply state your preference for a local or national host and I'll find the balance of features, stability and support that suits you best. If you'd rather not pay for hosting at all, I will help you choose a free host, but be aware that your message may be mitigated by third-party advertisements, a long domain name extension or sporadic server downtime.