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Euramtec Incorporated (Visit Site)

An international manufacturer and distributor of hundreds of parts for a variety of motor vehicles, including lights, switches, signs, and other components. I added categories to their original catalog, adding descrptions and detailed schematic drawings for various parts.

Straight From the Art (Visit Site)

This website serves as the design portfolio for a traditional painter from Canada. She is adept at converting photographs expansive watercolor paintings. This is exceptionally useful for photos taken is the days before digital cameras, where many small details tend to fade into obscurity.

RoofSmart of Southwest Florida (Visit Site)

My most ambitious project to date, this site includes a dynamic gallery and considerable potential for monthly content updates. RoofSmart's previous website had a quaint charm and a Flash navigation banner, but there was no structural differences between each page. Now, each section bursts with a vibrant color scheme and an unforgettable message.

REMCO Electrical Manufacturing (Visit Site)

REMCO was owned and operated by a husband and wife team with plenty of courage and the drive to succeed. They were fond of their current design but knew it was getting stale, and stale sites tend to lose relevance rank on Google searches. Over the course of a few months I sat down with them and helped guide the transformation of their site's design and content that would evoke the highest respect from vendors and individual clients alike.

Coast 2 Coast Converters

Designed as an offshoot of REMCO, this site would showcase the same brands and models of phase converters, but at lower prices. The project was cancelled at the last moment. However, the template is sleek, stable and easily reformattable.

Alarm Band Inc.

While much of their work is shrouded in patent protection and intellectual property agreements, they hope to release a module to revolutionize the industry of wearable health monitors... eventually. In a certain light, I would call these folks the highest-profile client of my career.

eCom Earth (Visit Site)

I loved helping these folks produce a new catalog and set of stickers highlighting their product line because I love their philosophy behind the products. Almost everyone knows the classic environmentalist credo "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" but few realize the importance behind that specific phrasing. For example, empty plastic bottles of spring water. Sure, you can place them in the recycle bin to keep them out of landfills, but you can make the carbon footprint even smaller by refilling it with tap water. Better still, don't buy bottles water at all, reducing the overall need for their production. eCom Earth carries out this philosophy with pollutant-free methods for efficient home cleaning, pest control, and vehicle fuel economy.

Salon Sarracino (Visit Site)

A family-owned and operated salon with two locations in Florida and New Jersey. They proudly offer a unique style of styling curly hair called 'Ouidad' originating in New York City. I thought endless waves of silky-smooth curly hair would work well as a background texture for these pages, but I was told to keep it classy. A common pitfall for designers and illustrators is resisting the impulse to design something you think is brilliant, but the client finds too abstract to appreciate.
Quicky Scooters & Bikes (Visit Site)

Located in the most attractive part of Fort Myers Beach, this small business has a huge customer base. Their previous website was sparse in both images and content, so new customers walking in had to ask the same questions over and over again. Now it has plenty to say about the business and the bikes, so the owners can move their stock faster. Hopefully this will give them the time they need to develop their social media presence and grow the business itself.
Cleveland Clean Pools (Visit Site)

Hailing from the United Kingdom, this family has the ambition to join the ranks of pool cleaning companies serving southwest Florida. The barriers of entry are relatively low, but convincing clients to switch to a brand new company can be an arduous process. However, these folks also have enough starting capital for a proper merger or acquisition. For some small business owners, the highlight of their career is selling their company wholesale after years of cultivation for considerable profit. Then they can sit back and watch it grow beyond their wildest dreams - truly a golden opportunity for all parties involved.